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Text Ads
A text ad is simply an ad created only with text (writing). It consists of a title, ad summary, and a URL. When someone reads the advert and clicks on it, it will take them to the advertisers landing page.

Banner Ads
Banner ads are images. Advertisers can upload pictures to advertise websites as banner ads. The ad sizes consist of:
– 728×90 (leaderboard)
– 468×60 (Banner)
– 160×60 (Half Banner)
– 120×600 (Skyscraper)
– 160×600 (Wide Skyscraper)
– 120×240 (Vertical Banner)
– 336×280 (Large Rectangle)
– 300×260 (Medium Rectangle)
– 250×250 (Square)
– 200×200 (small Square)
– 180×150 (Small Rectangle)
– 125×125 (Button)
The maximum upload size is 100KB

Catalog Ads
A Catalog ad is an advert that has text and images. You can upload a small image to your advertisement and add text also. The size is always 100×50. You can add a title, description and an image to go with your ad.
Read About How To Create A PPC Text Ad


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